The Path is Long

path is long
A note to myself from my Journal:

Vivek, your path is long and has many pitfalls and traps
which you yourself have set!

It is not a random situation you find yourself in,
but a consciously created lesson/test.
You must prevail.

See life from the perspective of it being consciously created
instead of random, and you will gain a new perspective.
You will see everything and everyone as part of your journey and a part of your challenge!

Then you will change how you react to every moment.
This will awaken you to a secret level of existence
You will feel that every experience is there for your education, for your benefit.

When you live on the surface much is lost.
When you delve beneath and grasp a deeper reality you see what power, wisdom and beauty every moment contains.
Such potential just waiting for you.

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