Attack the Root

attack the root

Trying to destroy a tree by plucking its leaves one at a time
is fruitless and madness, an impossible venture.

The only way is to attack the root.
Find the root of your anger, the root of your pain, the root of your Love!

Over the years, as I journey deeper within myself I have begun to discover
There is only one root.



4 Responses to “Attack the Root”

  1. Puja Jones Says:

    Incredible images your words create. It is all one root. I feel very hopeful!

  2. Vivek Patel Says:

    Thank you Puja.
    Feeling hopeful is wonderful!
    I’m quite sure the universe will respond to that vibration.

  3. Gennie Says:

    So much time is wasted by getting so caught up in what’s happening on the surface!

  4. Vivek Patel Says:

    Thank you Gennie.
    It’s so true!
    It’s also very challenging to focus on the root when the leaves are rustling all around us!!

    What do you find helps you to keep your attention beneath the surface?

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