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Looking Deeper!

February 28, 2015

looking deeper
When I encounter people who want to hurt me or treat me badly in some way I often react with defensiveness and anger.
This reaction hurts me, hurts the other and doesn’t do anyone any good.

So I am working on it!

My habits are strong, therefore I need to be quite conscious and vigilant when I feel I’m under attack.
One of the things I do in these situations to try and change my reactions is to look deeper into the other person.

I try and listen very carefully when angry or abusive people are talking to me. Listen with more than my ears. I look deeply into their being, beyond what feels like their anger, deception and self-interest.

When I can notice the suffering that causes them to be harsh with me instead of speaking from their heart I am better able to have compassion for them.

Remember: No one is ever what he or she appears to be!
We are all Divine and searching for our truth.

Let us try not to be deceived by the appearance of the ego.
Do not react to the surface!

Of course if I want to see past other people’s anger I have to see past my own.
I have to see beyond my own self-interest and self-preservation.
This is not easy.

It is a challenge to face myself without condemning myself,
which of course is why we often avoid it.

We must love ourselves enough to look at our sh-t and then look beyond it to the light within.
Then we can do the same for others.

When interacting with people, watch for the trap of your fearful thoughts, your personal identifications, your belief in the personality.

These are all standard tricks used by the mind to make us believe we are separate, that we have to fight and protect ourselves in order to be safe. The mind wants us to forget the infinite power that we are, that dwells in everything.

The mind is very subtle. It is righteous and can appear very spiritual and kind.
It uses great truths with a slight twist to make it seem reasonable to think and act in a non-loving way.

Or, even more subtle:
To make a non-loving action look like a loving one!

My ego wants me to feel separate and alone,
wants me to be attached to hidden motives in people
instead of the deeper Spirit!

Never forget that the most basic inner purpose of human behaviour is to join with the infinite.
It is usually deeply buried and can be very hard to see at times, but it’s always there.
This is why to it’s important for us to put in the work so we can learn to see this dynamic in anyone, under any circumstance.


Embrace The Opposites

February 27, 2015

embrace the opposites
The YinYang offers us a way of unifying the opposites.
Getting into the spirit of the symbol allows us to see the world more from the perspective of AND rather than OR.

“This OR that” transforms into “This AND that”.

In thinking about an idea or an issue I almost never take one side totally. I have learned through the yin-yang that the most powerful position is to be able to hold opposing views at the same time.

In fact if I really want to deepen my understanding of an issue or an idea I’ll often argue against myself more than someone who actually disagreed with me would do.

I may still choose an opinion on one side or another, but my understanding comes from seeing both.

The Dots

It is the dots in the YinYang that allow this mindset. The dots are the clue that tell us the opposites are actually one. In the deepest most extreme part of the Yin is the seed of the Yang. They swirl and fold in on each other. The absolute doesn’t exist in essence because the essence of existence is unity!

Once we see the world through the lens of the yin-yang,
We can experience a clarity and peace beyond all imagining.
For we are able to see the stillness behind the chaos of life.
It is like becoming aware of the calm ocean beneath the waves.

We are not who we think we are

In order to do this we must be able to melt the boundaries of who we think we are.
We are so much more.

This melting means living in the dots and not on the periphery.
It means accepting and loving all aspects of ourselves.
For when we can accept the Yin and the Yang, the Light and the Dark, the Joyful and the Stressful,
we are not avoiding any part of us.

Embrace the Opposites


This is where we can transform OR to AND.

I am happy and miserable, I am confident and terrified, I love you and I’m angry at you.
All of these expressions are real and authentically us.
We can love the whole, wonderful, perfectly imperfect beings that we are.

“You can’t achieve the yin by covering up all the yang”
– Vivek

Finding God in the Wal-Mart

February 26, 2015

finding God walmart
Recently I went to the Wal-Mart to buy some DVDs on sale.

When I was standing in line, someone butted in line to ask the cashier a question.
She answered, but was very upset and started complaining to the person ahead of me about that customer.

When I got up to the cashier, I asked her how her day has been so far?
I usually ask that instead of “how are you?” because it makes people take a moment and think before they answer.
If I ask “how are you?” they can just say, “fine thank you, how are you?”

She sort of grimaced and said she was okay,
except for the rude customers.

I suggested to her not to let people steal away her happiness.
It is too precious and she should guard it well.

She said “Yes, sometimes I forget my Father, my Creator.”

(I could tell from her comment that she was Christian.
I am not specifically Christian, but I know that the Divine is present
in every religious and spiritual path.
So I talked to her as a Christian and
shared the same spiritual ideology!)

I said “Ya, that’s the thing, eh?
Life is a test and He comes to us in many disguises,
to see if we’ll remember Him when things are tough.
Life can be a challenge,
and we must stay strong and vigilant.”

She said “I guess I’m not that smart yet.”

I said “My friend, you recognized God as the source right away when I mentioned not letting others steal your joy.
You are definitely smart and strong!
Remember, you have many years left to keep practicing!”

She smiled from ear to ear to have this spiritual interaction in the middle of her difficult day!
She said “Yes, you’re right.
He comes in many forms, and I have to remember to recognize Him
and remember Him.”

Then we had a moment of silent understanding, looking into each other’s eyes. Suddenly we sort of remembered where we were and finished our transaction.

As I left I turned to her and said,
“Remember to look through the disguise and see the true spirit behind it, my friend!”

She said “Yes I will, thank you.”

I felt so blessed to be able to share a sincere moment with her, and I hope that it made a difference in her life.

The giver should be thankful.

We can contribute to the peace and wellbeing in the world
if we only pay attention to the hearts and minds around us –
and if we are quick and courageous enough to act
when we’re given the opportunity.

Butterfly Love – Part 2

February 25, 2015

butterfly love 2
As we go through the process of spiritual evolution

we turn from caterpillar to butterfly many times and on many levels.
Each new level comes with new challenges and new perspectives –
new limitations to overcome.
Limitations that were not even visible from the previous caterpillar stage.

It is like as soon as we blossom into that beautiful, free butterfly from the pain of being a caterpillar we are immediately transformed into another caterpillar at a new phase of development.

It is a lifelong process.

The Caterpillar is Also Beautiful

This is why it is important for us to remember that the caterpillar is also beautiful. We must embrace the caterpillar as much as celebrate the butterfly, for we don’t want to feel bad about ourselves.

Both the caterpillar and the butterfly
are manifestations of the Divine.
The whole process of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly
was created by the Divine and the whole is to be respected.

Love yourself for where you are,
where you’ve come from and
where you’re going.
You are beautiful and perfect when you’re a butterfly AND when you are a caterpillar, and you are always both!

Caterpillar, caterpillar.
Keep eating those leaves.
How glorious your form,
as you crawl through the trees

Express your caterpillarness
with all your might,
but take a moment to look within
between leafy bites.

You’ll find that you’re no longer
satisfied with what you see,
and you feel there is
more to life than this tree.

Now is the time to leave the world behind.
Cover yourself and empty your mind.

There is a puzzle of consciousness
for you to resolve.
So meditate on your being
till your being dissolves.

Little worm, Little worm,
you will see, very soon
you are too big
for your little cocoon.

Your wings will press out
and you will break free
to fly in the sky
for all eternity.

Butterfly Love – part 1

February 24, 2015

butterfly love 1
We Can All Be Butterflies

What prevents the caterpillar from turning into a butterfly?

We all have the potential!
We all have butterfliness inside of us!

How can the caterpillar dream that it can subsist without eating the leaves? Its whole life is just to eat and excrete.
It fears that if it gives up the world it knows it will die!

Of course it will,
but when it is re-born it is so much lovelier!
It is closer to heaven, closer to the light.

Transformation can be Frightening

The chrysalis is so lonely.
and the whole being of the caterpillar is dissolved into mush
before it can be reformed
into the new, light and graceful butterfly.
My goodness this is scary!

I ask myself daily;
“Do I have the patience, the stamina, the faith to stay in my cocoon??”
Do you?

If we cannot enter the silence and solitude
we will never begin the transformation.
If we break out early, we will not be a butterfly, only half formed!
The full transformation process must be respected.
This can be very painful.

What is needed?

Patience – because it always takes longer than you think
Stamina – because it is always harder than you think
Courage – because it is always scarier than you think
Faith – because there is no guarantee that the butterfly will emerge!

But if we look within, we will feel the butterfly aching to be released,
aching to give up life on leaves and fly into the sky,
drink the nectar of flowers
and express a life of beauty and light.

Look for Butterfly Love Part 2 tomorrow!
(There’s going to be a butterfly poem at the end!)

Attack of the Invisible Creatures

February 23, 2015

attack of the invisible creatures
The Attack of the Invisible Creature

Our minds have the potential to be harmonious, peaceful and positive.
But from the time we are born, even before we are born,
we lose the pristine and pure state.
Our minds are invaded by imaginary, invisible creatures.
They cause us unrest and steal our peace.

I’m arguing with invisible creatures all the time:
The guy who cut me off 5 years ago.
The womyn who was rude to me at the grocery store yesterday.
The person who I imagine will insult me tomorrow!

Thoughts are Creative

The interesting thing about these thought forms,
thought plays,
thought movies,
is that they are creating
at the same time as we are thinking them.

Our lives are created from our thoughts and the images we hold in our mind, both conscious and subconscious.
Every thought we have sends a message to the Universe
about what we want to create!

The Divine energy is always there,
just waiting to fulfill our visions.
We form the mold with our thoughts and images.
The Divine fills the mold with creative energy
and our circumstances are born.

Control Your Thoughts

This is why it is so important to have some control over our thought world, and why the ego wishes us to have no control! Controlling our thoughts means being able to choose the thoughts we think. When we are subject to our conditioning we lose choice, we lose our power.

As long as we imagine these negative, painful and conflict-ridden situations, over and over and over…
we will continue to create them in our lives.

We may not create the exact thing we’re imagining,
but we will create a similar experience.

These thought-creatures are not consciously chosen by us.
They are habits of thinking we’ve developed over years and years.
Many of them were implanted in our minds before we were 3 years old.

Once we recognize that our thought habits are creating undesired circumstances in our lives we have the opportunity to develop new habits!

Fight the Enemy!

The more we fight against them, stop them, and replace them with thought-creatures that reflect what we REALLY want to happen, the more we will see our lives changing as a result.

I know that there is a common concept in Spiritual work that we shouldn’t fight or resist our thoughts, feelings or anything really. Just accept and go with the flow. Love your thoughts and make them your friend.

I agree that there is a place for this type of thinking. Perhaps it’s even desirable in the majority of situations. I also think that there is a place for fighting and resistance. In fact I think it’s vital that we can fight our minds and thoughts.

The key is to know when to meditate with your sword laying peacefully at your side and when to raise your sword in battle to protect the innocent!

My Teacher Tulshi Sen says
Every thought is a creative act.”

So we must guard our thoughts with all our might.

We must change the pattern of our imaging,
create new habits of visioning,
choose to think and imagine the best, most abundant and loving things we can.

But, of course, this is not easy!

“Thinking an unfamiliar thought
is as difficult as performing an unfamiliar action.”
-Tulshi Sen

It requires a constant retraining of the mind,
a continuous vigilance,
a paranoid attention to the content and quality of our thoughts!

It’s hard work!
That is why I often resist it.
But I know it will be worth the effort so I persist!

The Love Jug!

February 22, 2015

Love Jug
Pure Love is a beautiful thing.

We use the word Love for so many things that are not love!

I knew this womyn who regularly tortured her family and caused everyone a lot of pain,
and she always said:
“My only fault is that I love too much.”
I’m sure she really believed that about herself
And yet she caused such pain in so many people’s lives.

Pure Love Comes from the Divine Source

There is no such thing as loving too much if the love is pure,
because real love always knows the right action to take, for it comes from the perfect Divine source.
The source that is you, your true nature.

Real love is never predictable.
It adjusts to the moment,
to the deepest and highest needs of the moment

When love is directed towards others,
it manages to nourish the self better than anything else ever can.

The Infinite Love Jug

How can a constant outpouring
fill the container?
If you pour water from a jug,
the jug will empty.
But not the Love Jug.
This is one of the miracles of true love.
The jug of the heart never empties!

We can pour out all the love we’re able
and never diminish our own.
How is this possible?

It is possible because we are not the container,
only the channel through which love flows,
like water through a hose.
We are always wet,
in love.

You and I are One

In this state we realize that there are no others.
That we are one with all beings.
There is no separation between you and I.
When I love you I love myself.
In fact I cannot love you without loving myself
And I cannot love myself if I do not love you.

Being Honest with Myself

When I find myself tired from loving,
I recognize that there is a selfish motive in my actions.
It is not pure love.

This does not make me evil,
for we are all like that.
We are on the path to pure love.
It’s a long bloody road, so lots of attachments still exist.

The task is to identify them and transcend them,
remove them
and replace them
with a higher love.

Be Willing to Change

This of course, requires a high level of self-honesty
and a willingness to change.
Willingness to change means a willingness to be wrong.
One of the hardest things is to face our areas of challenge while loving and accepting ourselves fiercely.

This is not something we often received as children when we made mistakes. In fact we were usually corrected and punished rather than celebrated!

Now we must learn to give ourselves that kind of celebration so that we can be open to deeper and deeper levels of self-knowledge and understanding.

“Intelligence is not the measure of how much you are able to understand,
But how much you are willing to understand.”

Celebrate yourself!

I am joyous when I’m wrong,
for finding out when I’m wrong is the path to being right!

Don’t fear mistakes.
Don’t fear feedback and criticisms.
Don’t resist being wrong.


For that puts you one step closer to the truth,
closer to the love you seek,
closer to the pure being that you are,
perfect and whole and one.

The Divine Revealed to Me in the Apple Juice

February 21, 2015

apple juice
The Divine Revealed to Me in the Apple Juice

How aware are you of the Divine Hand in your daily life?

I was just taking a carton of Chocolate Soya Milk out of the fridge.
As I pulled it out I knocked an open carton of milk over.
Just before it toppled over it hit the side of a can of apple juice and bounced back to a standing position. I was miraculously saved from making a big mess.

It was a very dramatic moment!

My first response was to say,
“Thank you, apple juice!”

Then I realized my error and quickly changed it to
“Thank You, Divine One.”

Of course the can of apple juice is also Divine!
But when I thanked it I wasn’t specifically thanking the Divine in the form of apple juice!

I Must Deepen my Practice

It seems I must keep practicing what I call “source awareness”, to deepen my recognition of the constant miracles that I encounter and their true source.

At least I was blessed with the insight to change it right away.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk – Celebrate!

If the milk had spilled, what then?
Can I still see the miracle when life is difficult?

When the milk spills, as it does every day in one way or another, can I thank the Divine for the lesson, perceiving it is a gift even if I cannot see it?

My Highest Good

I work at going through life with the assumption that everything that happens is for my highest good and I’m being cared for and guided.

No matter what suffering or joy I experience, I believe I’m being led on the path towards enlightenment (the realization of my true nature) in every moment and with every experience.

This attitude allows me to see the events of my life not as happening TO me but happening FOR me. The more I practice this the more I deepen my ability to be at peace regardless of my present circumstance.

Live the Vulnerable Life

February 20, 2015

live the vulnerable life
Ah, To live an open and vulnerable life,
To rip apart the shield that protects me
And allow the world unrestricted access to the love within.

This is a dangerous way to live!
It’s juicy and fresh
And vibrating with goodness, Wonder and Magic.

How beautiful.

I’m too happy to be safe,
Too much in Love with life
to be secure.

Loving for no reason is the best reason,
beyond reason and logic and sense.

The danger of a vulnerable life
is a danger I willingly accept
and a risk I joyfully take.

Living with an open heart you may get hurt…
You WILL get hurt!
But, oh it’s worth the price
when you can look within and see that you gave everything you had for love.

When you’ve been hurt
and you’ve forgiven.
When you’ve worked through the pain
and found inner strength on the other side
then the courage to remain vulnerable appears.

The scars, will be medals,
the wounds works of art.

Living this way is not easy
or safe
and many would even say
that it’s stupid!

But oh man it sure is awesome,
and alive!!

I live the vulnerable life
I keep my heart open wide
So I can be free to be free
and fly

Happiness is not an Emotion It is a Foundation

February 19, 2015

happiness is not an emotion
I’m not always happy ,
and I’m not mindlessly happy,
but I’m mostly happy.

I have worked very hard over the years to achieve the level of happiness I enjoy.

It is a happiness that does not come about through hiding from problems.
It co-exists with my problems (of which there are many!)
Like the calm in the midst of the storm.

From the centre I look out,
and my happiness is maintained.

Happiness is not an emotion
It is a foundation.

I rest in the stillness of my consciousness as life whirls by.
My consciousness is the same consciousness that exists in everyone and everything.
We are not really separate, you and I, we are one.
When I am aware of this,  my happiness is undisturbed by the ups and downs of life.

Knowing where my problems come from
and why
and where the deep solution is;
These things help in maintaining my happiness.
(That is a topic for another blog post I think!)

Happiness can be an Escape

It has been said that happiness is the drug of the unaware.
This is true if we are talking about transitory happiness.
Happiness based on circumstances or a forced state used to avoid facing oneself.

But the permanent and persistent happiness
that comes from furiously rigorous self-inquiry
and honesty
The happiness that comes from the practice of being loving to ourselves and others

It is sobering, it is intoxifying.
It exists like the still waters beneath the rough and choppy surface.

I don’t have to turn away from the devil to be happy.

I can face him/her
straight on,
eye to eye,
and say:

“You have no power over me
for I am happy,
and you are not.”

And then I laugh.