The Big Questions

the big question

What is my Mission?
What is my Purpose?
What is my Truth?
What is Freedom?
What is Love?
What is Happiness?

And the big one –
Who am I?

I ask myself these questions daily.
They guide my thinking, my journey, my life.
These are the most important questions we can ask!

The answers to these questions (and all questions really)
are already inside of us.

Finding the answers requires a lot of patience and perseverance.
It’s not an easy process for we often want the answers right away,
on our own schedules and in a way that makes sense to us!

This is not always the case, in fact it’s rarely the case!

Just don’t give up. Ask and ask.
Drive the questions deeper and deeper into your mind and heart,
And the answers will come.

They will be answers in your being, not necessarily in words,
Like a flash of light in the darkness;
And you will see the path open up before you.



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