There is Only One Void

the void within the bowl
My Teacher Tulshi Sen once said that when a potter fashions a clay pot,
She sculpts the clay walls with great artistry,
but it is the void within that is actually used.
The walls themselves are not useful without the void within.
If you fill the pot with clay leaving no void, it can no longer perform its function.

No matter how plain or fancy the bowl,
whether made from gold or clay, the void is the same!

There is only one void.

The same is of course true of the human creation.
We are made from clay by the Great Potter,
yet it is the void, the consciousness within that is used.
The container is only there to harness the power of the void.

And there is only one void.

So embrace the void within yourself. Value your consciousness and use it to its fullest.
You are not your body, not your perceptions, not even your opinions and beliefs.
You are the Void, you are consciousness.
And recognize that it is the same void in every other clay pot you see.

There is only one void.

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