Dream Big, then Dream Bigger

Dream Big then Dream Bigger

Impossible Dreams – Unreasonable Desires

Let your dreams be BIG – Impossibly BIG.
So BIG that you have to rely upon the Divine.

If you dream the possible
then you can do it on your own.

How boring
How safe
How normal.

Of Course You Can

Dream big and then bigger
Of course you can change the world
Of course you can change lives
Of course you can make a difference

Those that think it is impossible are naive
They are brainwashed by the mediocre ideals of society

With the Divine Spirit residing within you
nothing is impossible!

At the suggestion of my Teacher, I have actually gone through all my dictionaries
and scratched out the word “impossible”.

The Dream Killers

Dream killers are all around us.
“Don’t try, you’ll fail, no one wants what you have.”
They do what they can to keep us down.

They are not evil. NO!
They are themselves wounded.
The dream killers do what they do
to compensate for their own fear.

The Dream Killers Provide Us With An Opportunity

They are also a gift to us.
They’ve been created by the Divine,
just like everything else.
They have a place, they have a job
and OH they do it well.

Embrace Your Impossible Dreams

Our job is to maintain our belief,
our faith,
our love,
our power
and our unreasonable dreams
In the face of attacks.

What wild dreams do you have?
What impossibly big desires are tugging at your heart?
Embrace them
Honour them
Never give up.

One Response to “Dream Big, then Dream Bigger”

  1. Nazeer M Says:

    That was very inspiring, Vivek! I am very touched. I will continue to follow my impossible dreams!

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